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Camel Trophy Discoverys

The Camel Trophy ran from 1980 until 2000. Land Rovers were used from 1981 until 1998. Discoverys were used between 1990 and 1997. A selection of the G-WAC press fleet were taken back to Land Rover after the press launch and repainted Sandglow before being sent to Eastnor for selection trials / training for the 1990 event. Known press G-WAC's that were treated to a makeover are G463/75/521/25WAC it is also believed that G494/532WAC were treated the same although no pictures exist (to date!) of these two vehicles. More factory registered G-WAC's were used in the 1990 event in the USSR these are known as G560/1/2/3WAC and again the 1990 event cars were used for 1991 selection trails and training. The 1991 event used 5 door 200 Tdi models. The event ran with five door 200 Tdi's between 1991 & 1994. 300 Tdi's were used between 1995 & 1997. The 1998 event ran with the new Freelander.